Sunday, May 1, 2011

love only grows stronger with time

show us what your made of show us what you can do those words will always be true with you. I think that about you every day. How much you can make a difference in this world and show everyone that there is so much to life. You shown me that every day. Your love for me has been something so amazing that its changed my world. Love is something so powerful that it takes over you and you never want to be with out it. Just how i never want to be with out you. One person can make the world of drifferent place in your life. Thats what you have done for me. Being the person who stole my heart from the first day. True love is just so real that words cant desrcibe everything you feel. It captures your mind body and soul and creates these feelings that only you and that other person share. You have done more then that though. You have captured my whole world and made the clouds break and the sun shine through. Nothing could be better then spending the night talking to you and laughing. Making memories and sharing our stories good and bad. True love never hates nor gets mad because when you love someone so much you never should be angry or mad at them. You want to make them so happy that they wil never have to worry. Babe you have shown me so much and all you make me want to do is smile. I wake up thinking about you and fall asleep to the sound of your voice in my head saying you always love me no matter what. My heart beats fast everytime you tell me that. You have me and you will never lose me. Im happy because your my heart and soul. If i dont have you my world would go black. Hearing your voice today was the best thing in the world. I love you so much and im glad your ok. I missed you so much you have no idea. I missed talking to you the whole time you were gone not being able to fall asleep with out hear your voice every night. You are the only one who relaxes me and can calm me down. I hope that you know i will always be by your side because you have mine. I couldnt ask for anything more. Your strong and with out your strength im nothing. You bulid me up more and more everyday. Im so blessed to have you in my life. Your my insperation, the light to my world, my hero, and amazing fiancee.

I love you Allison <3

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